Summer is Coming – Don’t Sexualize Me

I hear the car slow down as it approaches from behind

I hear the window roll down

Now the car is creeping along side me


He thinks he is complementing me

Harassing me

Following me in his car

As I walk on the sidewalk

Approaching my house I hope he drives off before I reach it

I have to smile and nod

Ignoring while being highly aware

I tell him “No thanks, (awkward laugh) Have a nice day.”

When I’m thinking ‘omg leave me the fuck alone’

‘please take off before I reach my house so you don’t know where I live’

‘walk slowly self or you are going to have to walk past the house and double back’

‘why isn’t he leaving yet’


He doesn’t like my mind

He doesn’t even know me

He offers to buy me things

Take me out

He doesn’t know I have a child

I’m queer as fuck

I’m non binary

I’m broke

I don’t tolerate stupid people


He tells me I’m going to cause a car wreck (ya know, because I’m so fine)

He tells me to put his number in my phone


He has not told me his name

I noticed when he first shouted at me across the street

I ignored him

That was three blocks ago

I noticed he turned his car around and followed me

For three blocks

Until he caught up with me

And now we are here

A few houses from my spot

I just wanted to drop the kid at school

It’s not even 8:30 in the morning yet

I repeat myself “No thanks, have a nice day”

I smile and look straight forward

The half block we play this game feels longer

This isn’t the first time this has happened

It reminds me summer is coming

And to be comfortable I have to put up with this type of harassment

Summer = be uncomfortable or be harassed

I think of the man yesterday

Who shouted at me and my 10 year old “are you selling that?”

I was worried because I didn’t know if he meant me or my daughter

And sex trafficking is so real in our neighborhood

That man yesterday kept commenting on my overalls as we walked away

I know my daughter heard this

Now I’m being followed again today

This is truly the beginning of summer

Finally, the man in the car drives off

Not too quickly, in  case I changed my mind

I walk slower and wait to watch him turn the corner

Then I get to my gate and go home


-Fawn Feral


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